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Patient with monkeypox dies in Ecuador – it was due to a pre-existing condition

🕒 Last updated: Aug 8, 23:01 GMT

The death occurred on Monday, August 8. Ecuador registered 10 cases of monkeypox virus, the last three were identified in Azuay, Los Ríos and Santa Elena. Ecuador records the death of a patient suffering from monkeypox, however, the disease was not the cause of death, clarified the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

The death occurred on August 8, as a result of a “pre-existing pathology” of the patient, said Francisco Pérez, Undersecretary of Public Health Surveillance. Pérez explained that so far the country has registered 10 cases of monkeypox, including the deceased patient.

The last three reported cases are people between 20 and 49 years old, who were identified in the provinces of Santa Elena, Los Ríos and Azuay. They are stable in their homes and under surveillance; In addition, the epidemiological fence with his close contacts has been lifted.

The Undersecretary of Public Health Surveillance announced that it is investigating whether there is a relationship between these three cases; If the investigations conclude that there was no relationship, it could be determined that they were community infections, which will be reported at the time, Pérez said. Of the people suffering from the disease, currently four have already come out of isolation, while another five remain isolated.

The Ministry of Health called on citizens to maintain biosafety measures, such as hand hygiene with soap and water or alcohol gel. In case of symptoms, it is recommended to wear a mask and see a doctor. Before the death of the person sick with monkeypox was confirmed, the first case of contagion had been confirmed in Santa Elena. Ecuador confirmed the first case on July 6. According to a statement from the Ministry of Public Health, it was a 30-year-old patient who presented symptoms related to that disease.

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