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First case of monkeypox in a pregnant woman confirmed as cases surge

🕒 Last updated: Jul 27, 12:42 GMT

A pregnant woman has contracted the disease with cases continuing to increase worldwide, according to experts. The mother, who is from the US gave birth to the child without any issues. Dr. John Brooks from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) claimed that the baby had not contracted the disease from its mother.

Officials from the Infectious Disease Society of America said that the infant was treated with an injection of immune globulin. It is an anti-microbial treatment that doctors from the US have approved for the monkeypox outbreak.

The woman who was pregnant was not named in the report as was neither her state of birth. Doctors have said that mum and baby are in good health after the birth. Just this month scientists warned of the ongoing spreading of this virus was a source of concern for certain categories of people.

Women who are pregnant, immunosuppressed or children have a the highest risk for monkeypox. Women who are pregnant are more prone to illnesses because the immune system of pregnant women is weak. This incident is of Monkeypox in the body of a pregnant woman in the US occurs as infections continue to increase.

The data suggests that worldwide the number of cases is now more than 18,000.The US there are about 3,591 cases In the United States, there are around 3,591 infections, including New York being most affected, and more than 900 cases have been identified.

Other regions with high count of cases are California with 356 cases, Illinois which has 350, and Florida having 309.In the UK the authorities yesterday announced that there were 267 cases confirmed which is an increase of 159 within the span of just four days.

There are another 65 “highly probable cases”, which brings the total to 2,432.

Dr Sophia Makki, National Incident Director of the UKHSA has warned that people should be aware of signs of monkeypox which includes blisters or rashes on the skin prior to having sexual relations.

Close contact with another person allows for the spread of this virus. This is the reason people pick the virus through sexual contact.However, it isn’t considered to be an sexually transmitted disease.

Monkeypox can also be contracted from a person’s towels or sheets, or even from the cough or coughs.Dr. Makki stated: “Monkeypox cases continue to increase, with the virus being transmitted primarily through sexual networks that are interconnected.

“Before you go out with a partner, attend a party or other event, make sure you check for signs of monkeypox, such as blisters and rashes.”If you have monkeypox symptoms, take a break from attending events or sex until you’ve called 111 or a sexual health service and been assessed by a clinician.”

The NHS has announced an initiative to get vaccines that is centered around the epicenter of the outbreak, London in order to protect the most vulnerable.

This is also true for men who have had sex with males as well as bisexual and gay males.

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