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New monkeypox vaccine centre opens in Paris as infections rise

🕒 Last updated: Jul 29, 20:53 GMT

A crowd of people lined up on Wednesday to get the monkeypox vaccination at a new vaccine center in Paris that has been booked for two days from the time it opened. Over 1,800 people in France have been infected with the monkeypox virus. the majority of cases being found within the Paris region, accounting for about 10% of the cases worldwide.

“If we can avoid spreading the disease and avoid going back into another pandemic (…) that would be cool,” said Maxime who is a student at 27 waiting in the line. More than 100 vaccination centers were opened throughout the nation in recent weeks , and over 6000 people have been vaccinated.

The World Health Organization said on Saturday that monkeypox was an emergency in global health. This year, there’s over 18,000 cases of the virus in more than 78 nations. The disease is most prevalent among males who have had sexual relations with males in the latest outbreak and outside Africa in which it is prevalent.

France has confirmed that the vaccination campaign will target the groups that are at greatest risk, such as gay and sex-related workers as well as gay men.The worker at the Vaccination Centre Romain Fauchery told the Vaccination Centre that the large turnout during the initial two days was a positive.

“It’d clear that people are conscious about the illness and they want to get vaccinated.”Outside the vaccination centre, Benjamin, 33, said that getting the vaccine was something of an act of political activism.

“It is a virus that spreads strongly in the homosexual community today. Everyone needs to take responsibility,” said the doctor.

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