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Fourth death outside Africa – India’s 1st monkeypox death: A young man died in Kerala after travelling from UAE.

🕒 Last updated: Aug 8, 23:02 GMT

Kerala man who been positive for monkeypox tests in another country, passed away at Thrissur on Saturday. This is India’s first death from monkeypox and the fourth outside of Africa. According to reports, the young man arrived in Kerala on the 22nd of July, after a flight from United Arab Emirates.

In the wake of the tragedy, Kerala health minister Veena George said on Sunday “A top-level investigation is scheduled to investigate the demise of a person suffering from indications of monkeypox Chavakkad Kuranjiyur. The test results carried out in a foreign nation was positive. He requested treatment at Thrissur.”

She also added “Delay when seeking help will be examined. The health department held an emergency meeting in Punnayur concerning the passing of a man aged 18 suffering from monkeypox. A contact list as well as a routing map of the deceased youngster were drawn up.”

As of now, India has reported as five cases of monkeypox Three of them are located in Kerala.

The worldwide monkeypox outbreak has resulted in over 21,000 instances spread across more than 80 countries since May. There are 75 suspected deaths in Africa most of which are within Nigeria and Congo where an extremely lethal type of the virus is spreading faster rather than elsewhere in the West. In addition, Spain and Brazil have reported cases of monkeypox-related deaths.

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