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Spain reports second death from monkeypox virus

🕒 Last updated: Aug 8, 23:01 GMT

Spain has reported a second death within 24 hours from monkeypox as country’s Health ministry announced Saturday. They are believed to be the first deaths confirmed from monkeypox after its spread within the European Union. The ministry did not provide any details regarding the deceased. It announced its first fatality from the illness yesterday – on Friday.

The worldwide monkeypox outbreak has resulted in nearly 22,000 people afflicted across around 80 countries from May. There were at least 75 reported suspected deaths from Africa most of them located in Nigeria and Congo in which the more deadly type of monkeypox is more prevalent rather than in the west. Brazil also reported a fatality associated with monkeypox on Friday.

This past Friday Spain’s Health ministry revealed that 4,298 people infected by the virus which makes it the top European nation for cases of monkeypox. In all, 3500 cases were among males who had had sexual relations with other males. Only 64 of them were females.

The ministry reported that 120 people required hospital care.

Health authorities have administered 5,300 vaccinations that Spain got from the joint EU vaccination purchase scheme. Health experts say that’s a lot lower than the quantity needed to protect vulnerable populations.

Monkeypox has been prevalent in regions of Africa for a long time. The spread of the disease into Europe as well as North America was linked by experts to two outbreaks that occurred in Belgium as well as Spain.

It’s spread mostly through skin-to skin contact, however, it can be transmitted via sheets that are used by people suffering from monkeypox. The symptoms include body aches, fever chills, fatigue, and itching. The condition has been moderate in a lot of males. However, it is possible to spread the disease for weeks, and lesions can be very painful.

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